What Is This All About?

My name is Christopher Gronlund, and every month I share a story. Sometimes the stories contain truths, but most of the time, they’re made up. Sometimes the stories are funny — other times they’re serious. But you have my word about one thing: I will never — EVER — share a story about lumberjacks…


Praise for Not About Lumberjacks

"Listening to these stories makes me miss the wind through the trees back home in Rousseau, Quebec."
- Jacques LaPointe

And Yet Even More Praise

“Those lonely nights in Ontario are much more tolerable now that I’ve discovered Not About Lumberjacks.”
– Adeline Marchand
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The Cavalcade of Praise Rolls On

"The cadence of each word is like the rhythm of a felling ax in the hands of Big Jean-Guy Reigner."
- Pierre Tremblay